For many who call central Pennsylvania home, fall is a special time of year and a wonderful time to enjoy the outdoors, just minutes from our doorsteps. Over the years, we have noted many of our motel guests have come to visit for this very reason – to experience the natural beauty of Centre County.

One of the attractions is our fantastic trout fishing. It draws many to our area from all over the mid-Atlantic region during the peak spring season. However, as a life long resident of the area and an avid fly fisher, I have always marveled at how few people utilize these resources in the fall. Though I truly enjoy the solitude we enjoy on fall trips, I feel no qualms sharing about it with you.

Though the hatches of aquatic insects fly fishers associate with spring have come and gone, the abundant populations of wild trout still abound. With the cooler weather and the approach of their spawning season, they feed actively in preparation for both.

One of the things I love most about what I do is the opportunities I have to share my love for this sport with guests at the Nittany Budget Motel. I spent a day on the water recently with the new general manager of the Carnegie Inn and Spa, Pete Weaver. Pete received his master’s degree from Penn State in Hospitality and Restaurant Management and, as part of his graduate work he studied the impact of the Green Drake hatch on lodging and restaurants in our area!

Here are some useful notes for anyone considering a fall fishing trip:

1. Be aware of other happenings in the State College area. The most dramatic of these is Penn State football weekends. Despite recent events, our community sees thousands of visitors on these weekends. If you are already coming for a game and you are a fly fisher consider combining the two. Friends of mine have a family tradition of doing at least one or two long weekends each fall for this very reason – they either arrive on Thursday or stay Sunday to give them extra time on the water.

2. If you want to avoid the football crowds but do want to visit and sample our fall fishing, consider the following weekends:

October 19 – 21

November 2 – 4

November 9 – 11

Sundays and weekdays – if your schedule is flexible, consider week day visits – fewer people and often lower rates on rooms.

3. If you are new to the sport of fly fishing, new to the area or have never fly fished but want to try it out, consider a day of guided fishing, a class or personal instruction session. With so many miles of quality trout water available, we also have three reputable fly fishing shops in the area:

The Feathered Hook – located in the town of Coburn on the banks of Penns Creek. 

TCO State College 

Flyfisher’s Paradise – State College 

TROUTOBERFEST – Sunday, October 29th at the Feathered Hook, on Penns Creek in Coburn, PA

4. If you would like to plan an outdoors get-away, please contact us about packages we can develop for you!

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